the A behind ARTISANNA

Arianna was born under the Californian sun, a curious and free spirit.
She has traced her many roots all over the world, and back again, naturally being inspired by all of the fascinating languages and cultures along the way.
As a multi-passionate artist with an insatiable appetite for crafts and trades,
she's been referred to as a modern day renaissance woman.
Her designs are often of an organic, sentimental nature.
Each piece is hand-crafted intentionally, with quality materials,
sourced ethically and sustainably.
They are intended as timeless staples in your home or wardrobe,
to be enjoyed and utilized often and forever.
SIGN: Libra Sun + Moon, Virgo Rising - and yes, everything must be color coordinated and balanced. It can't be helped. I don't make the rules.
TRUE STORY: Amongst several other allergies, I'm a weaver who is allergic to wool. That's why you'll find my work is predominantly cotton. However I also work with rescued fibers, and wool often pops up in that realm. 
DESIRED SUPERPOWER: Flight or teleportation. My passport has always been one of the things I could never live without.
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Every block of stone has an angel inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to set it free" -Michelangelo. This is my approach to most of my projects. When I connect with the materials, they often let me know what they want to be.
PLACES I'VE CALLED HOME: Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Philippines, Barcelona, Tokyo, and Paris... and of course, anywhere I've laid my head. I've experienced over 15 countries, but oddly have never been to the Southern Hemisphere. It's on the list. 
At Artisanna, we support equality and diversity
This is a safe sanctuary of allyship
Black Lives Matter / LGBTQ2SIA+ / Stop Asian Hate 
• • •
We acknowledge and pay our respects with gratitude
to traditional land stolen from the first people of Seattle,
the Duwamish tribe of past, present and future.
We deeply honor their struggles and sacrifices, both then and now.
We source directly from Indigenous led businesses,
 and offer additional support whenever possible.
Finally, with Russian Jewish ancestors behind me,
we continue to stand against all forms of genocide and ethnic cleansing,
and support the FREE PALESTINE movement, and the support of Ukraine.