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LILA - cotton cocoon vest

An instant closet staple, can be layered year around, for years to come. Woven and seam-stitched entirely by hand.

Measures 29" long, 26" wide when flat, worn open offers quite a few more inches, or can be worn belted for a cinched waist. 

This piece is made of 100% cotton and can machine washed on delicate settings. 

If you've been following my work for awhile, you'll know a couple things; the first, I always keep the first and last piece from a collection, for real-life testing and marks of progress. The second, my first woven wearable is one of my most complimented closet staple, and you guys have been asking for more like it for years. As the yarn I used for mine is now discontinued, and my style has evolved, I offer you this updated design which still wraps you a cozy cocoon, but it's also more seasonally versatile. I also updated the textural elements.

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